Fintry Oct 2018

I find myself out of home for a week again.  A little radiation & I can’t be within 10’ of anyone for a week.  Seems like a good reason to go find a cabin & explore some new country.  Fintry, BC near Kelowna looked awesome last time Id rove through it.  On the KTM rally I rode the Westside road north from Kelowna to Vernon & happened to pass through Fintry.  I’d put that stretch of road at the top of any to do list for riding, so maybe I can find some good trails in that area.

I pile into the jeep & head for the hills!

1 road out

Fintry is a cool little resort/cabin area now.  A 100 years or so ago the Fintry delta was an apple orchard & home of the Fintry estate.  But more on that later.

On the route out I notice I’ve got a leaky axle seal.  Tsk tsk, but I find a shop in town that’s willing to help & awesome.  Day 1 I hike around town while they fix the axle seal & an errant squeak that I’m pretty sure is a result off spending too much time in water.  Somehow they fix a few other little noises that were bugging me.

Day 2:  Above Fintry in the mountains is a network of old logging roads slowly being de-commissioned.  I headed up into the hills to follw one such trail and see if I could find a short way from Fintry to Christie Falls.  The trail up was rocky and a bit rugged. But the fall colours are awesome.

2 above fintry3 above Fintry4 above fintry5 above fintry


Came across a washout that a track hoe had obviously been digging deeper.  I suspect they’re decommissioning the road but they’ve left it passable for now.

6 washout

After this washout I caught up to the track hoe removing part of the road.  It always seems odd to me to remove a perfectly good road.  Sounds like a make work project to me, but I suppose it’s the world we live in now.  If you want to explore the back country, learn to walk/hike for weeks on end.

I’m off the trail to Christie now.  I can’t get through with the roads being removed so I just wander the country side looking for the scenic route out.

7 bypass8 Trail home9 outlook on the way10 shortcut


In the shortcuts I start to explore the little trails spiderwebbing around the mountains.  I could wander in here for months and love every second of it.

11 cant stop now

Day 3 I take the long way round to Christie Falls.  Rough bitch of a road that rattles my teeth, but I love the area.

12 Christie Falls trail

The trail head starts in a burned out cut block

13 falls trail head

Christie Creek is a tiny little creek, but it’s a great easy hike.

14 Christie Falls

On the way out I figure I might have time to climb Terrace mtn.  Worth a shot.

15 Terrace mtn16 Terrace mtn17 Terrace18 Terrace


Climbing terrace is especially difficult, but it’s steep, and narrow and hair raising.  As the top as I crest the peak is a holy shit moment.  As you hit the top you can’t see anything but sky.  I stop mid trail to see if my bumper is hanging out over a 500’ precipice, But it only feels that way.  At the top is a plateau that you can fit a couple of vehicles on top…  I can’t stop thinking how much a slippery clutch foot would suck right about then.  Lol

19 Terrace down

The route down & out is uneventful.  Lovely views & a few hunters.  It’s a fairly quiet trail system.

Day 4 I catch a peeping Tom.  Oh deer.

19.5 Stalker

I spend the day walking the Fintry Delta.  Exploring Fintry Falls, the park, and the old estate buildings.  I’d love to come camp here with the family.  Someday when I don’t glow in the dark.  Lol

20 Fintry Falls21 Fintry BEach22 Fintry rd23 fishes


Day 4 I spend wandering Bear Creek trails & falls.

24 Bear creek colours25 Bear Creek Falls26 Bear CReek Park27 Apex Mtn


Day 5 I decide to take a full day and get a little farther from the cabin.  Over Apex mine to the French mine & we’ll see how I can get home after that.

28 French Mine29 French Mine 2


Doing a little Jeep Spelunking in the top mine.

30 French Mine31 Frnch Mine top


In the bottom mine I walk in as far as I dare…  It’s not very far.  lol

32 French Mine bttm33 French mine bttm

Twistys on the way out.

34 Hedly

I decided to go from Princeton to Peachland cross country & come across the Kettle Valley railway.  I’ve always wanted to drive another section of it, and it’s heading basically the right direction so I hop on it.  I’m glad I did.

I got to drive through a rain tunnel!

36 Kettle Valley tunnel

I was keen to drive in a train tunnel for some reason.  Whatever.  It’s the little things in life.  Lol

Anyway.  Picture heavy & word light, but I had a great time & explored some lovely country.  I love the fall colours & would love to come back someday.


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