Ruby Falls 2018

Decided to head into Ruby Falls with a Toyota group…  All Toyotas & a Jeep.  5 went in & 3 made it home.  That’s not great odds.

Ruby falls is a great trail not far from Edmonton.  2 routes in.  One is a little hilly with some mud, and the other is a little easier.  We decided to take the hilly route in & the marginally easier way out.


For the most part it was tough, but not too tough.  The fresh snow made traction sparse.  I’d lead up a hill then spend time winching the others up if they needed it.  Some dummy has tire chains but I didn’t bring them for some reason.  Ugh.  That would have been so awesome in chains.  Lol

2 winch

A bit of mud holes and some ice breaking was required.  I was a little leery of pushing in my radiator, I’ve done that before on a quad pushing through ice, but for the most part it wasn’t that deep.



The falls were pretty cool in all their frozen splendor.  My c-pilot and I had a great time taking photos & video on the way in.



One the way out there was a bit of a mishap as one 4runner broke some lower control arm bolts.  Ugh.  Not much one can do in that spot.


Repair attempts were made, but essentially we hooked a truck, and a 5th Gen 4runner to it to drag it out by it’s teeth.  That was a fight.  In the dark, frozen bogs…  I winched a ton, and pulled where needed.  Glad I had my pulley along as I powered out the old smittybilt winch a few times.  In the last hole I finally suffered a minor failure & lost an air line to the front locker.  By the time I noticed I was already out thank goodness.

It was pretty late as we aired up.


We left the 4runner near a road for pick up in the morning.  The last trail carnage hit as we got to Edson, the truck started to overheat.  We left it in a Canadian tire parking lot for morning repair as well.

We got home eventually.  Grace my co-pilot loved it & I had a great time.  I’m sure the other guys did as well.

Here are a few random shots

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