May Bike Trip

Tappen splurged on a brand new used V-strom so we had to take it out and see what it would do.  South of Hinton to Cadomin & home.  Just a quick 2 day trip to see some sights & see if the bike is going to work.  🙂

South of Hinton on Highway 40.

Cadomin seems to be growing.  Some new cabins & houses.  I should talk to the missus about getting a cabin set up.  Maybe a Sea-can conversion cabin.  lol.  I wish.


A little early in the season so the campground was open and all but abandoned.  Had the place to ourselves.  As you can see from the frost it was a chilly night.  At least it didn’t snow.


The tunnels were still full of ice though, that’s a tad unnerving on a bike.


Coal trucks are on the move!


Love this country.  Even if it’s a bit chilly in early May.  🙂

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