Ruby Falls 2018

This is the first time I’ve headed out to Cardinal River Road with the express intent to get into Ruby Falls.  And of course I pick a day with a heavy snowfall warning.  It snowed pretty hard all day, but I love a good snowstorm.

Route in was past Robb, AB on the trunk road and south to the Cardinal River road.  Scenic and snowy.  Made it to the FlapJack lake entrance first.  There was a TON of snow.  I spoke to some friends who said they made it in a few weeks earlier…  I think our problem was we were late enough in the season that we were falling into deep snow through the snowmobile crust.  Yet not late enough for the snow to have melted at all.

I struggled down this road for a while.

Ruby 1

I backed off and backed out.  Met up with a couple other jeeps that were thinking the same thing we were.  We MIGHT make it in…  Or then again we might spend a day shoveling trying to make it somewhere.

So we ventured farther down the Cardinal river road thinking maybe we’d just follow the road up to the Cardinal divide…  We didn’t make it there either.
This is my brother Keith standing in the ditch.  🙂

Ruby 2

My friend in a 5th Gen 4runnner went first.  We figured I’d winch him backwards if he got stuck.  He did fairly well until he got off the track.  Then progress came to a quick halt.  I winched him back for a run at it a few times, but he was just getting hung up in the hard crust.

We shoveled and hacked at the hard ice crust to get him turned around and we headed out.  By this time I had one set of chains on…  Yay!  Deep enough snow for chains!  I love chains for some reason.  So fun.

On the way out I had a devil of a time getting up a sharp little hill.  Even with the chains I was digging pretty hard.  The 4runner made it to the base of the hill and stopped.  Hung up in the hard snow again.  I couldn’t reach to winch him up, and I didn’t have a lot of faith that I could pull him up…  But given the choices I didn’t want to leave him there to wait for spring on his own.  lol

I donned all 4 chains, and backed down the hill.  Tied on to the 4runner & tugged him up nice and slow.  Not a problem.  He would get bogged down & the Heep just kept chewing away.  Breaking trail, and breaking hearts across the country.  Or something like that.  Got the 4runner back to the road at least & we headed for home.  I’d say they got a foot of new snow while we were screwing around.  Loved every second of it.

Ruby 5


2 thoughts on “Ruby Falls 2018

  1. Captain Cutline June 14, 2018 — 8:59 am

    Hi. Good read. Ya when I looked at the date you were heading in there ( April) i let out a big laugh. 🙂 that’s the worst possible time you can head in there unless of course you’re on a snowmobile. You’d be better off heading in December sometime but even then is hit and miss.
    Anyway it’s like that every year.
    Usually by mid to late May you can head in on a jeep/4×4.

    P.S- I read your forrestry trunk trip. That wash out just over the Cardinal Divide is now passible. It’s tricky but should be good after this summer. I was the one that smothed the edges and was the first to do it in a jeep.
    Why didn’t you take the by pass trail? It crosses the creek twice and a bit tight but I did it in my Cherokee with a boat on the roof.
    But ya I took my 3/4 ton through that new crossing I made where the road used to go. It was sketchy but I made ot with a long box diesel. Lol


    1. I had a look at the bypass trail, but didn’t want to get into there with the truck. Looks like a reasonable trail and next time I’m out maybe I’ll give it a go in the jeep. I’ll have to get out there soon and get a little closer to the falls this time. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the post!


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