March 2018 Vega

Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland, first test hit with the jeep!

After fussing with it for months through the winter.  Daily driving it and generally hoping it actually works off road all winter.  I’m finally ready for a little off-road test drive.  Nothing too crazy just some simple sand trails near my brothers house.

I disconnected the front sway bar to try that as well.  Helps with the flex for sure.

Not a lot of snow, but crossing a few of the rivers and creeks was deep.  Not deep enough to chain up though.  Rats.  I’ve been dying to try out a new set of old chains.

The lockers are a huge help though.  Played with getting stuck in one wheel drive, then getting out with 2 wheel drive then 3 wheel pulling and finally 4 wheel (4wd & all locked) in the deepest snow.  Funny how much of a difference that front locker makes in the deep snow.

First dry creek crossing I played a little with the lockers again and couldn’t quite get enough traction to pull my way out.  Little tug with the winch & I was through.

Next creek crossing was easier to roll through.  No winching required.

Good fun, but not enough snow to really get the chains out.  I’ll have to try harder next time.

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