Little Red Taco

Not the food, its much more likely to leave you stranded on the side of the road than that. I bought my 2008 toyota tacoma access cab in 2014 bone stock with 80,000km on it and since then its given me some of the best and worst times of my  life(only one really). Over the last 3 years i have been building it and taking it many places.

image(The first day i picked it up)


The first things it got was an icon stage 3 lift kit 5 new pro comps wheels with 285/75/16 general Grabber at2 tires and an arb winch bumper, fitted with a warn m8000.20150504_044306 Then it got fitted with a range rider canopy, as well as a Thule crossbar system for my kayaks. not long after i cruised down to Chilliwack BC for Cruisin Offroad to hook me up with sliders and a rear swing out bumper. Of course along the way i did a little bit of exploring.20150824_180513(heading up into bobs lake near Merrit BC.)20150826_201413(changing a cv axle on a stump not fair into bobs lake- it gets quite rocky.)

Jason at Cruisin offroad is as nice of a guy as you could wish to have helping you with armor for your rig, hes a very talented fabricator and has a passion for overland travel just like us.

feeling pretty cool with my new toys. After all the steel, it was time to get to some wiring. I built a little bracket to mount under my hood where i could house my winch solenoid and a fuse block for all my lights and gadgets. the solenoid i mounted underneath in a 4×4 pvc juntion box, and ran my winch controls into the cab.


Now how about the worst time of my life ordeal…Pinedale Wyoming, small town south of jackson and yellowstone. Just so happens 20 miles south of pinedale i had a bearing go in my front diff after a week of offroading in Moab Utah with Darcy and his brother Murray, having them a couple days behind me was about the only saving grace i had. I pulled over when i felt bad vibrations coming from under my floorboard, to find all my diff oil not in the diff, and my cv axle rattling around however it wanted. I limped my truck into pinedale where there was thankfully a napa auto parts, so naturally i parked right behind the store. I pondered all night with my dog buddy, while smoking the better part of a pack of marlboro reds, thinking how am i going to fix this. With a little human ingenuity and some odds an ends from napa i produced a fix fit for a king.

I started by tearing everything apart, i disassembled my drivers side cv axle(hard to do without a sturdy shop vice) so i could run the hub end back through to hold my bearings together20160602_113635 then i got creative, i plugged the diff with the end of a silicone tube, fallowed by lots of silicone.20160602_100618

to cap that off i found a Campbell chunky soup can in my food storage, it looked like the perfect fit! so i filed the bottom off and siliconed that in.

even though my diff breather was clean, i still thought pressure might want to push my fix out, so i capped it with the bottom of a coleman green propane bottle and a couple hose clamps, it fit perfectly around the cv housing of the diff.20160602_113641I filled the diff back up with oil for the passenger side cv and we hit the road, after a long night and a stressful morning, we were off again!

when i got home from the trip my 2nd gen safari snorkel had finally shown up, so it was time to cut body panels.

The fit of the 2nd gen snorkel is perfect, a big bigger than the older style ones you had to retrofit. but its made for the truck.

i figured it was time to ditch the arb, so Jason sent me a new cruisin offroad front bumper. what a beauty she is. much simpler, lighter and cooler than arb.

After that it got some prinsu roof racks, for the cab and the canopy. What a nerv racking event it was to drill 12 permanent holes in the top of my cab, but it turned out great.

(where i ran the lightbar wiring, seemless.) after the roof racks i added a set of dakar leaf packs from OME to handle the extra weight for the yukon/alaska trip.

Boulder Outdoor Products out of calgary hooked me up with my tent, awning and fridge. Connor is another awesome dude to deal with. He is getting started in the overland/offroad industry and carries a good range of quality products and a bright future of more to come. His tents are fantastic quality and even better price. We slept safe and sound for 30 days in our boulder tent, and im sure we will for many more years to come. DSC_0889.JPG(somewhere on the canol road)

Theres lots im missing, and ill surely be updating as time goes on. But this is the basic introduction to my first overland rig, now for the next adventure!

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