Radiation Road Trip!

Radiation road trip!

Had a bit of a bout with cancer not long ago, and ended up with some radiation treatment. As a result I had to be a minimum of 10 feet from everyone for 7 days… Bummer, but whatcha gonna do… Road trip! After a few days of letting the radiation settle and making sure things didn’t go sideways I headed out solo to drive the Forestry Trunk Road (734/40) in Alberta. The Trunk road basically parallels the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta from Grande Prairie to Coleman, AB.
Trunk road 2017
1200km (746Miles) give or take, I left Edmonton Sunday afternoon and was home Thursday evening. I could have traveled quicker, and spent less time screwing around in the bush, but I got to explore a lot of areas that I’ve wanted to spend more time in, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

First stop Sunday was the Simonette river just south of Grande Prairie. Not very far into the trunk road, but it was a lovely little spot to camp on the edge of the river. I could have stayed in the campground across the river but… I’m cheap, and this was a nice spot.
Some lovely views from the hilltops as I work my way south and west deeper into the foothills. Gradually working towards the mountains.
Firewood anyone?
Moose… Mooses… Meese? Herd of Moose? Of course I’ve heard of Moose. lol I crack me up.
Love these long twisty one lane roads. This is day 3, south of Cadomin heading towards Cardinal Divide.
This valley is interesting because of the abandoned coal towns. Mountain Park was once 1500 people and there’s nothing left but the old railroad & the cemetery.
Cardinal Divide
I know the Cardinal River road has been closed for a long time. I’ve driven it a few times on my bike and always gotten through anyway. Now it’s a little tougher as they’ve dug a ditch into the road to stop people.


And I can see why. What was once a bit of a washout is now a complete wash away of the road.
Nerts. I considered hitting the gravel bank at speed, and seeing if I could just carve it like a stock car on race day… But no one was around to run the camera. No use attempting unless I can at least sell the tape and recoup the loss of my poor truck. So I had to back track a few hours, oh well. It’s all in good fun.

Back through the washout was more concerning. On the way in I had all the nice winching trees in front of me. On the way out I had no recovery options. No problems though. Even stopped for a glam shot.

Later in the day I had some weather blow in near Humming Bird Falls.

Camped for the night & saw Humming Bird falls in the morning. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed swimming at the top of the falls… When the water is a little lower anyway. And maybe when it’s not 8 Deg C (46F).


Stopped at Ram Falls as well. Very close to Humming Bird & a lovely campground.


Still paralleling the mountains in the foothills as I’m in about the middle of the trip.
Hit pavement close to Highway 1 when secondary road 734 turned into Highway 40 for a ways as I go through Kananaskis country. I’ve never driven this section before & was thoroughly impressed. All the views of mountains just like from Banff, but very few people.

Livingstone Falls south of Highway 40, and back on the gravel again.
Finally hit Coleman, to turn around & head North again. I wanted to take 532 as an exit to hit highway 22. Awesome road that goes over some good high peaks.

Ran into this little guy perched on the side of the road.

Watching him run across the cliffs was impressive.

Like I said, 1200km in 4.5 days. Nice leisurely pace and a bazillion photos. I marked some excellent biking trails and even some areas to explore in the truck. Can’t wait to do it again!

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