Two guys Overland Meet

So I’m stumbling around the interwebs one day, thinking that I’ll have a look at some overlanding websites and see if there are any I want to join and contribute to.  Some sites are well maintained, some sites you can see are slowly being abandoned.

I read a few intros of people and check out some photos when I see a photo of a dashing young Tacoma with the same bumper as my truck (Clifford:  To be introduced later), same bumper lights as Clifford, similar snorkel as Clifford, and could almost be a twin to my Tundra…  Or maybe a mini me…

At any rate I have to say hi.  Turns out that Tappen, the editor in chief of this website, has some good stories, some wicked good taste in accessories and is passing through my town in a few days.  I hate to turn down a good random meet so we make plans to hang out at a local outdoor goods store.

Wandering the aisles we find that he has time off and I happen to be planning a trip to Moab, UT.  A scheme is concocted and the rest is history.  We have some common interests and a lot of good chuckles.  What more does a new friendship need?

2016-05-29 14.17.19

1 thought on “Two guys Overland Meet

  1. That’s so awesome


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