Buddy The dog


Buddy-AKA Dingo, a wild beast that used to roam the far reaches of the earth. Truth be told hes a harmless retard, but hes a companion unlike any other. I found buddy one day at work, he was just out for a stroll, something he did quite commonly back in the day. I was going to leave him but he was just such a nice dog i didn’t want to risk letting him get hurt, so he jumped in and came home with me. I spent a few days looking for his owners, honestly i had been informed who they were by the SPCA and i was supposed to drop him off there, but i kept him a little longer, i didn’t want to let go however i did end up taking him to the shelter. His owners picked him up, and for a few months i honestly missed a dog i had barely known, but as fate decided we were to be reunited as his owners put him up for sale on Facebook! yeah, for sale! i should have just kept him, luckily i was able to buy him from the previous owners and hes been by my side since. Hes made it to everyday of work, every trip up town or down south, it’s simple, if i go he goes.DSC_0373

I don’t think its an all that common occurrence finding a true connection to another living thing, we as humans do at times, but rarely. Having a friend that just knows when your up or when your down, inspires you to be better and doesn’t judge if you make a mistake.  Who else is gonna light up when the truck keys jingle? excited for another adventure. God damn dingo.

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